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We work with Mars to shape the future.

As need and desire create increasingly digital worlds, we partner closely with Mars to create innovative and outstanding consumer experiences.

We took the Mars people know and love into new spaces.

Mars Treat Town mobile app on phone and website on laptop

Saving Halloween in the Nick of Time

In summer of 2020, Mars reached out with a big ask: take Halloween from streets to screens. In just 12 weeks, we worked closely with their team to tap into the spooky spirit of the holiday, creating a one-of-a-kind digital experience that gives families the power to go door to door, collect candy credits, and redeem them from retailers for real candy.

Treat Town

Neighborhoods Without Borders

Drawing on Mapbox, we turned the United States into a Halloween playground—by visiting a mutually approved family network trick-or-treaters could keep it safe and fun.

Treat Town ghosts and green M&M

Design Your Own Door and Avatar

A library of creative assets featured a world of spooky options and scary sounds, letting families express their creativity.

Treat Town game show on phone screen

Tricks, Games, and Sponsored Attractions

From snakes in a can to Tricky Trivia to sponsored locations from Boys & Girls Club, Nascar, and major children’s media companies, we created an interactive, gamified universe with all kinds of rewards.

pile of MARs candy in front of the redeem screen in the treat town app

Buy and Redeem Candy

Stripe, Shoppable, Snipp, and American Express made it possible to partner with retailers, letting parents swap virtual candy for real sweets online or at retail locations.

We brought buying power to a global market.

Kind UK website homepage image

Delivering Kind to the United Kingdom

Uniting digital and physical brand experiences has become an expectation for consumers: Mars leveraged their new D2C platform to deliver Kind products directly to the United Kingdom’s door. Drawing on Drupal and Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento Commerce, we brought seamless shopping, promotions, and new products together in one powerful commerce experience.

Kind UK Shopping experience

Experiential Commerce

Leveraging Adobe Commerce's, previously known as Magento Commerce, native features and Drupal's functions, we created an engaging online shopping experience.

Kind product

International Potential

The KIND UK experience easily scales for additional or varying products, making it a model for other countries’ markets and lines of business.

When frontline workers became front and center, we worked with Mars to Say Thanks with Snickers.

Say Thanks with Snickers webpage shown on a laptop screen

A Fast and Sweet Response

COVID-19 highlighted frontline workers’ always-valuable contributions in a big way. as more important than ever. We combined forces with Mars to let them know how much they were appreciated: working with Shopify and Drupal, we gave people the ability to send shareable boxes of Snickers directly to frontline workers.

Thank frontline workers with snickers and we'll double your gift

Double the Thanks

We helped Mars pivot to a promotion suited to the moment: when users purchased 24 bars, Mars was able to further express thanks to the community by doubling their gift.

Say Thank You Loud and Clear

Fast and Collaborative Development

Drawing on Shopify’s functionality, we built the Say Thanks with Snickers microsite in two weeks with a five-person team.

Efficiency and innovation continued to make us a natural fit for Mars’ needs.

James Wellbeloved dog

Bringing Quality Food to the Nation’s Pets

James Wellbeloved needed a way for people to order natural and healthy dog, cat, and ferret food from their website. Within a matter of weeks, we implemented Shopify, translating their full product line to an intuitive shopping experience that looked and felt as wholesome as the brand.

James Wellbeloved Shopping page

Product Information Management

Working with Shopify, we created a single, accurate view of product data, ensuring accurate inventory, efficient ordering, and a variety of buying models for users.

James Wellbeloved Our Story page

A Branded, Scalable Vision

We created a theme that helped the experience visually reflect the brand, but left room for further personalization and growth.

Bounteous Team Members